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Contemporary wedding photographer with a soft spot for the nostalgic.

Über mich - Hochzeitsfotografin Teresa Hirschel

“Teresa’s journey with photography, beginning at the age of 12, showcases her deep-rooted passion for the art form. It’s a testament to how photography has been a constant presence in her life, evolving from a hobby into a fulfilling career.”

fresh flowers, good coffee & the ocean

Hochzeitsfoto Analog auf Mallorca
Hochzeitsfotografin Teresa Hirschel Darmstadt und Europa

I love the color of Aperol, the scent of fresh flowers, the first sip of coffee in the morning and everything by the water.

I feel most at home behind the camera. When I move around completely unobserved, disappear behind my tools and capture the true essence of people and tell their story. Genuine and pure.

Five years ago, I took the courage to become self-employed. Since then, it has been my job to capture your memories for you and future generations. In order to fulfil this requirement, I only accept a handful of weddings each year so that I can support you during your preparations.

Hochzeitsfoto Mallorca Bucht Klippenspringen

My reason Why

I believe that photographs have the power to connect us to our past and preserve our memories. Images can build a bridge to the generations before us and are a way of remembering those we have lost.

This is the reason why I am passionate about my work. My reason why.

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It is my mission to tell your story. Genuinely and authentically, without cheesiness or staged poses.

The focus is on you. And the many details and big moments that make your wedding day so special. Every wedding is unique. Just like you. That’s why I look forward to getting to know you and your story.

Hochzeitfotograf in Deutschland und Europa
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